Wasps and hornets

At Cityinsect we take your concerns seriously. We provide you with professional advice and will find the right solution for you, whether that’s relocating a nest or tackling and removing a wasp nest.

  • Hazards to people avoided
  • Wasp nest destroyed quickly and completely
  • Hornets resettled

Background information

In nature, wasps play a major role in killing off insects, but the two wasp species known as ‘kitchen-table wasps’ are especially dangerous to children and to people with allergies. As well as regularly visiting set tables, these wasp species like to make their nests in dark cavities like blinds boxes, meaning people and wasps often get in each other’s way.

Our pest-control experts will also be happy to help with protected species like hornets.

Our service includes the following measures:

  • Various options to eliminate your problem
    • Tackling the wasp colony
    • Removing the wasp nest
    • Relocating the nest (particularly for hornets)

*European wasp, common wasp

Why Cityinsect?


  • Expert advice from our team
  • Object inspection and assessment of infestation
  • Scientific species identification
  • Measures planned and carried out discreetly
  • Detailed documentation
  • Individual support measures
  • Monitoring and follow-up treatment
  • Clearance certificate (proof of successful pest control)
  • Residue from intervention removed
  • Prevention of future infestation (for example through structural measures)