Excellent knowledge of the species and experience with ants are essential to successfully tackle these insects. Here Cityinsect will take on your problem with professional pest-control measures to deal with the insects quickly and effectively.

  • Successful intervention by tackling the ant colony directly with specialised insecticide bait

Background information

While many ant species are not pests, or only cause nuisance when they stumble into buildings in search of food, it is important to keep a look out for certain species.

Lasius ants are attracted to damaged wood by damp and mould, and set about destroying it even more in order to establish their colony. Alongside the damage they cause to the wood, however, these ants are a good sign to recognise that the building material is damaged. Unnoticed water damage always precedes the infestation, making the identification of the art species particularly interesting.

Pharaoh ants, meanwhile, are significant hygiene pests. The workers in this species are minuscule, measuring just approx. 2 mm, allowing them to scuttle through the tiniest cracks. This is an ant species that is also difficult to tackle as the colony will be divided up into several daughter colonies. Pest control will only be successful in the long term if the queens of all the daughter colonies are eliminated.

Our service for the control of ants includes the following concept:

  • Competent advice
  • Detailed infestation determination
  • Scientific species identification
  • Species- and development-specific approaches
    • Insecticide bait
    • Spray treatment
    • Scatter bait
  • Supporting accompanying measures
  • Careful control documentation
  • Proof of redemption