Rats and mice

Cityinsect takes care of your issue discreetly and effectively to professionally remove mice and rats:

  • Tackling rats
  • Tackling mice
  • Rodent Control

Background information

The damage caused by rats and mice mean they are never welcome as guests and, while they can appear suddenly, they are very difficult to get rid of.

Along with damaging buildings (destroying insulation material) and gnawing at furniture, they will also help themselves to any food they find and leave behind undesirable residue.

In addition to the health risks, in the worst-case scenario a gnawed wire can lead to expensive appliances short-circuiting or even to a fire. It is not uncommon for mice and rats to become an additional psychological strain with the noise of their scratching and gnawing in the night.

Expert pest control for mice or rats is required to get rid of these clever animals for good:

  • Competent advice
  • Detailed infestation analysis
  • A range of approaches to pest control using attractive systems specially adapted to the rodents in question:
    • Snap-trap systems
    • Access-protected bait stations with poisonous bait (rat/mouse poison)
    • Live traps
  • Individual support measures
  • Prevention of future infestation (for example through structural measures)
  • Proof of redemption
  • Residue from intervention removed
  • Careful control documentation