Protection from pigeons

Our pest-control experts at Cityinsect will be happy to provide you with professional help to deal with pigeons and other birds. We can provide you with long-lasting protection using a wide variety of systems.

  • Cleaning and disinfesting areas made dirty by pigeons and birds
  • Installing pigeon protection

Background information

Pigeons are very unpopular, mostly because of the dirt they cause. They leave behind lots of microorganisms including bacteria which can lead to health problems, and pigeons and their nests can also be home to parasites like ticks and mites. These parasites can migrate to nearby homes and cause an infestation.

A damaged roof can go unnoticed for years, during which time pigeons are able to multiply in the loft. Perished pigeons can also cause a pest infestation.

Professionally installed pigeon protection is effective in keeping people, buildings and the animals themselves safe.

Our pigeon repellent service includes the following measures:

  • Reliable pigeon deterrents:
    • Landing edge protection (tension wire, spikes)
    • Pigeon nets
    • Electric defence systems (electronic and ultrasound systems)
  • Exhaustive removal of excrement and carcasses

Why Cityinsect?


  • Expert advice from our team
  • Object inspection and assessment of infestation
  • Scientific species identification
  • Measures planned and carried out discreetly
  • Detailed documentation
  • Individual support measures
  • Monitoring and follow-up treatment
  • Clearance certificate (proof of successful pest control)
  • Residue from intervention removed
  • Prevention of future infestation (for example through structural measures)