Our pest-control experts at Cityinsect work with discretion to deal with bed bugs professionally and thoroughly, and will be there to help you until the problem has been eliminated.

  • Maximum success in tackling bed bugs
  • Thorough and effective intervention for bed bugs

Background information

Bed bugs are an ever-growing problem. Regardless of hygienic conditions, increasing levels of tourism in particular often introduce these creatures via stays in hotels. Bed bugs need blood to develop, which is why they come out of hiding at night to bite both people and pets. The irritating bites are very unpleasant, and scratching them can lead to serious inflammation.

Bed bugs can survive for an extremely long amount of time without food, so tackling them successfully requires a particularly thorough, expert intervention including follow-up inspections and possible follow-up treatments.

To combat bed bugs we offer:

  • Competent advice
  • Detailed infestation analysis
  • Planning and implementation of control measures
    • Spray treatment
    • Heat treatment
  • Careful control documentation
  • Proof of redemption

Why Cityinsect?


  • Expert advice from our team
  • Object inspection and assessment of infestation
  • Scientific species identification
  • Measures planned and carried out discreetly
  • Detailed documentation
  • Individual support measures
  • Monitoring and follow-up treatment
  • Clearance certificate (proof of successful pest control)
  • Residue from intervention removed
  • Prevention of future infestation (for example through structural measures)